— I work on shopping experiences on Facebook, launching strategic and innovative formats. I love outdoor activities, sad cartoons, and judging books by their covers.

Here are some amazing projects I’ve had the opportunity to work on:



A more intimate way to experience products and brands you’re interested in.


In just two short months, our team launched Facebook’s first AR monetization experience. We see AR as having the potential to increase consideration when people are deciding whether to purchase a product or not, as well as being a uniquely engaging experience. Our goal is to leverage these unique value props to prove AR’s effectiveness in the monetization space.

Role: Design Lead

Developed vision and design principles, defined alpha launch product, end-to-end visual and interaction design, prototyping


AR ads shows positive performance in driving conversions and engagement compared to regular video ads. The launch also received positive press exposure and shows Facebook's role as a leader in innovative ad experiences.


Use Cases

The primary application of AR in a shopping experience is to try on and try out products. AR experiences can also be very entertaining, and we see its potential in entertainment and gaming as well. Our first alpha partner was Michael Kors, where we provided a try-on experience for their Lons Aviator Sunglasses. We are also continuing to scale and test our AR format to other use cases such as beauty, gaming, and furniture.



Discover and compare products you love across different brands.

If a user is looking for running shoe, limiting to one advertiser (i.e. Nike) reduces the amount of relevant products we could show

Cross-shopping is an integral part of the shopping journey. People look to discover multiple relevant options to influence their purchase decisions. Facebook ads have always followed a single-advertiser model, but by introducing cross-shopping ads, our team aims to break that paradigm to provide more useful and relevant products to users.

Role: Design Lead

Problem framing and defining areas of opportunity, visual and interaction design, synthesizing research and quantitative data into hypotheses


Cross-shopping ads is a brand new format within our Facebook ads ecosystem. This new format will affect how ads are delivered and push new ways for Facebook to present relevant and useful ad experiences.

Use Cases

We decided to target two use cases for cross-shopping — a more exploratory low-intent use case, and a specific high-intent use case.

Low intent (left): I like dresses and tend to shop for them, but I’m not looking for anything specific. I want to see dresses from my favorite brands.

High Intent (right): I’m going on vacation in a few months and would like to buy a maxi dress to wear. I want to see similar-looking styles and compare prices up front.




Book Covers

As I said earlier, I love judging books by their covers. I feel strongly about the significance of a cover - it’s the entryway to the story, and sets the stage emotionally and visually for the reader. As an ongoing side project, I try to redesign the book cover of every book I finish reading, to reimagine the first glance based on my perspective of the story.


All Summer in a Day / Ray Bradbury

Flowers For Algernon / Daniel Keyes

The Killer Inside Me / Jim Thompson

The Blind Assassin / Margaret Atwood


Motion Graphics

Time adds such an interesting dimension to design that I don’t find myself thinking about in my day to day work. Doing exercises and creative projects related to motion helps me stretch a different muscle - both in the software I use and also how I approach design and expression across a period of time.

Current project endeavor (2 more minutes to go!)